Full Name: Daniel Jonathan Crispin Barker


Occupation: Former Politician


Daniel Barker is a former British politician and commodity broker who started out in politics as a Conservative Member of Parliament.


However, after years of being overlooked for more prominent positions in the party, and with the rise of pro-British feeling amongst the public, Barker left the Conservatives and helped found his own political party, The Britain's Own. 


Although not initially the first choice for leader, Barker's confidence and popularity shone through and he was soon appointed leader of the party. After eight years of tough rhetoric and campaigning, he led the Britain's Own Party to victory in the General Election but famously failed to keep hold of his own seat, causing the leadership of the party to be wrenched from him. 


Since losing his seat, Barker has disappeared from public life and his current status and occupation is unknown.


Nick on Daniel Barker

Drinking Away the Pain

   Daniel Barker sat quietly in the darkest corner of the most secluded room he could find. The dark, brown fluid swirled around the bottom of the whiskey glass as he rotated it in the air, thinking about how everything had gone so spectacularly wrong.


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