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Full Name: William David Harris


Occupation: Detective Inspector, Kent Constabulary


DI William Harris has long been one of Kent's top detectives. He joined the service as soon as he could at the age of 18. He spent a good ten years on the streets, turning down multiple offers to join different departments before finally joining CID a few days after his 29th birthday. 


It was not long before he rose up the ranks and was promoted to Detective Inspector.


Although an intuitive and intelligent detective, Harris never appreciated the recognition he was offered. Despite many attempts to press him into the higher echelons of the service, Harris' place is at the crime scenes and he wouldn't want it any other way. 


However, many years of police service has done little for the rest of his life for he remains unmarried and years of investigating brutal murders have left him with a somewhat nervous disposition...





    Harris could see what Parsons meant. The distance between them and Baker was still substantial enough that if he considered making a run for it, they’d be hard pressed to catch up before he disappeared into the wild and overgrown woodland and meadow that ran alongside the river. Harris turned to the rest of the team, mostly uniformed officers now, who tried to loiter causally by their patrol cars.



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