Full Name: Evelyn Wing Giles


Occupation: Detective Sergeant


DS Evelyn Giles has a long promising career ahead of her. Having joined the service at the age of twenty-five, Giles immediately was reassigned to CID after her two year probation where, shortly afterwards, she was promoted to Detective Sergeant. 


Admired by her superiors and appreciated by her colleagues is considered one of the top detectives in Britain today - definitely one for the big leagues. 


Giles is married but with no children. Her husband, Jason, is long suffering and realised a long time ago that he would always come second to the job - as much as Giles would like to deny it. 


Despite being the daughter of a British shopkeeper, Giles is Chinese by birth. She was adopted by her father when she was baby and remembers nothing of the country she left behind. 


Nick on Evelyn Giles

Domestic Bliss

    Evelyn Giles let the phone ring.

    It was a Bank Holiday and there was no way she was going in to work. Not again.

    From the kitchen window, the world outside was bright and sunny. The crisp, cool air wafted through the open window, floating the suggestion that spring was nearly over and the summer would soon be here. 



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