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I hadn’t intended to kill her. I don’t think I even wanted to in my angriest moment. And yet here she was, lifeless on the cold, alley floor...


Anger is the biggest killer...

And Michael Kidney is an angry man...

If you could kill someone and blame it on someone else...

Would you do it?



A bitter lover finds his life on the line when his crimes are blamed on the notorious Jack the Ripper. 


Winner of's Fated Paradox competition, Dressed to Deceive is a short story that will leave your breathless and chilled to the bone.




Selected Reviews

A really engaging, dark read

    Caitlin E Jones


   A unique and chilling tale!

          Professor Joshua Grasso


       What a way to take a legend story as such and give it a 'breath' of freshness.

Florence Onyango


Unexpected and enthralling

Alex Rushmer


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