Nick on Tommy Haines

The Deal

   He didn't ask whether Barker wanted company. He simply crossed the room and took the seat next to him, a sneer stretching beneath his disjointed nose. There were no more thoughts of solitude, no more wishes of being left alone. Barker wasn't going to stop him.

   Not this man.




Full Name: Thomas "Tommy" Haines


Occupation: Entrepreneur


Tommy Haines is a sucessful businessman who has gained a vast fortune through his dealings, both legitimate and otherwise, over the years. 


Little is know of Haines' life before he became sucessful but he has become something of a shrewd investor over the years, choosing to invest in everything from businesses to politics. 


But behind the mysterious businessman hides a dark force and a will to succeed no matter what the cost. Over the years, many people who have stood in Haines' way have died in mysterious circumstances. 


In short, Tommy Haines is not a man to be crossed...


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